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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to the New Year

I got my W2 from my bookstore job.  For all of my time and energy, not to mention everything I passed up or missed out on because I was working, I was compensated just over $8,000.  The more I think about it, the more it bothers me.  I could have made that much in a week turning tricks. 
There HAS to be another way.  Does anybody want to be my roommate?  Some lowlights from the bookstore this past year:

The customer was in his 60s, bald on top, with white hair down to his shoulders around the back.  I asked how he was, and he said, “Better, now that I’m talking to a beautiful lady”.   I said something like, “Aw, thanks”, and he said, “But I’m at a disadvantage with this counter in between us”.  ICK ICK ICK!! And it got better (or worse).  I handed him his bag, and he said, “So what size stocking do I need?”, and I said, “Excuse me?”  I was really hoping I’d heard him wrong, because nothing good could follow if I’d heard him right.  He said, “What size stocking do I need to fit you in?  Santa’s supposed to bring me what I want for Christmas.” And he WINKED!!!  I just about died on the spot. 

It was slow, and I was finger-combing my hair.  I saw a customer approach, and as he came up, I knocked it off.  When he was near enough, I smiled and said “Hi”.  He was in his sixties or so, reasonably well-dressed.  He said, “You have such pretty hair.”  I thought he’d seen me touching it, and was teasing me, so I said, “I’m sorry, it was a little tangled.”  He said, as he leaned way over the counter, “Where’s your comb – I’ll brush it for you!”

I’d worked every day for 2 weeks, and I was supposed to have a day off on Sunday.  My manager called, and asked if he could schedule me Sunday.  I didn’t want to work, and was starting to say no.  He told me how it was a friend’s first shift as a head cashier, and how he didn’t want him up there alone on his first day without any training, so I agreed to work, making it 3 weeks without a day off.  When the schedules came out, I was on the schedule for Sunday, and my friend wasn’t. 

Let’s talk about finding a roommate.  I asked everybody I knew if they knew anybody who needed to be somebody’s roommate.  I have a great house with a spare bedroom/bathroom.  When the friend of a friend search turned up nobody, I went to the internet.  I tried a roommate matching site, and these are some excerpts from (non)potential roommates.  No changes to grammar, spelling, or punctuation:

“i'm quiet , i almost never have people over .  talking about pets i love dogs , to be honest with you i never had any cats but i like then too , my mother used to have more than one cat , i never had any cat because i used to have two big dogs and one of then didn't like cats .  thank you”

“I am a married w/m 59 seeking a place for 3-4 mo. while my wife and I are working out children issues... married in May and intend to stay that way..... but would need to separate a while to get children issues resolved.....”

“I am a black male from phoenix az, single and not looking for a date. I have a fulltime job that I started last monday. I hope to hear back from you soon”

Do you know of any roommate options better than that for me?

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