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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Weird Request

We had just been talking about tattoos at work, and then I got a text message from my sister last night.  She’s asking me to come up with an image or concept that embodied myself; she’s going to get a tattoo on her arm in my honor.  This is amusing to me for a few reasons. 

First of all, I’m not dead yet.  Aren’t those tattoos usually in honor of a loved one who has died?  Secondly, we’re not very close nor very much alike.  We have the same mother and father, and while I say I’m German, Italian, and Hungarian, she says she’s European, North African, and Mongolian.  She doesn’t consider herself Caucasian.  Our Italian relatives are Sicilian, and there was some intermingling of North Africans and Sicilians, but no proof that our ancestors were anything other than Italian.  She gets the Mongolian part from an even sketchier bit of maybe-truth – Our Hungarian relatives were Gypsies, and they were in the same part of Europe where Attila the Hun went through pillaging, and so it’s possible that he pillaged some of our ancestors.  This, though, is from a man in our family not known to be concerned with the truth so much as a good story.

How would you choose an image or concept that embodied yourself?  I can't decide which image to get indelibly inked onto my own skin, much less onto somebody else's.  Maybe I just don't get it.

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