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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That kind of week

Maybe I speak too quickly, or maybe I’m so tired I’m mumbling, but misunderstandings seem to be the rule lately.

I was at the bookstore job, and I answered the phone.  The customer said, “A book I ordered came in, but I don’t remember what the book is.”  I said, “That’s alright. We don’t hold the book by title, we hold it by your last name.”  I wanted to check if we really had it, since she sounded confused and unsure, so I asked, “What’s your last name?”  

“I’m not sure.  Can you tell me?”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out of Touch

Recently at work, Mr. Owner shouted from his office, “Who’s Gregor Mendel?”  He asks questions frequently, and often without context, so that I have to guess what information he wants.  For example, he recently asked, “Where’s the big apple?”.  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready, Set, Un-Anonymous!!!!!

After indulging in some selective editing and revisionist history, I've decided to announce my real last name, and to let people I actually know, know about my blog.

My life is crazy, but I'll try to post weekly.  As always, I hope my life makes you laugh.

Please don't knock my art skills.  I thought a picture would express this one better than just words.  The other day, I went to the opening release of the Harry Potter movie.  I had to see it in 3D, because the normal tickets were sold out.  After getting tickets, I got up to the concessions counter, and this is what I saw in my head.