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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That kind of week

Maybe I speak too quickly, or maybe I’m so tired I’m mumbling, but misunderstandings seem to be the rule lately.

I was at the bookstore job, and I answered the phone.  The customer said, “A book I ordered came in, but I don’t remember what the book is.”  I said, “That’s alright. We don’t hold the book by title, we hold it by your last name.”  I wanted to check if we really had it, since she sounded confused and unsure, so I asked, “What’s your last name?”  

“I’m not sure.  Can you tell me?”

I nearly dropped the phone, but responded, “No, ma’am, I can’t.  I’m sorry.”  I took a deep breath and tried again, “What is YOUR last name?”  She gave it to me.

By this time, I had a couple of people in line at the registers that I’d been motioning that I’d be right with.  I went to look for her book when a girl in her early teens walked past the people in line, set books on the counter, and loudly told me, “I’d like to pay for these.”

My composure was already slipping, but I managed to say, “Great!  I’ll ring you up just as soon as I’ve finished helping them” nodding to the people in line.  “If you want to step behind them, I’ll be with you next.  Thanks!”

Then today at my other job (now a great office-y job, rather than a soul-sucking job in transportation), I had a customer call again.  She said, “What’s the phone number for your Bluff road location?”  Sometimes we get people calling for Target since our numbers are similar, so I said, “What company are you looking for?”   She named my company, so explained that I’m sorry, we’re on Main Street, and this is the only location we have.  She said, “So you’re on Bluff road?”

“No ma’am.”  Sigh.

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  1. Your cousin Allison :)August 31, 2011 at 9:51 PM

    I so know how you feel...I answer the phone " blah blah blah ear nose and throat" and they say "Can you please transfer me to ear nose & throat?" REALLY????