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Friday, September 9, 2011


You know those socks from Bath and Body works with shea butter and such in them?  My feet were feeling dry, so I thought I'd wear them today.  The pair my friend got me are fuzzy, with the non-slip dots on the bottom, and green, blue, pink, white, and red stripes.  I think they're meant to be more slipper socks, but I figured inside my boots it wouldn't be any big deal.  Some of my coworkers were joking with me about Casual Friday.  I thought it was sarcastic joking, since I'd worn a button down and black pants even though jeans are allowed.  It wasn't until I was walking across the showroom and sneezed that I saw it.

My morning routine is so set, that I can do it in my sleep.  This is good, because I'm between 1/2 and 3/4 asleep most of the morning.  I got dressed, went to the coat closet and got out my motorcycle gear, put on my backpack, slipped into the shoes I'd left out yesterday, locked the door, and got on the bike.  I'd worn my little dress shoes, not my boots.

Each step I took flashed 4 or 5 inches of multicolored stripes.  I felt ridiculous.  I edged back to my desk, trying to step without swishing my pants legs so they'd cover my socks more.  When I sat down, this is what I saw:

I got to thinking, and that's when I realized that the entire 25 minute ride into work in stop and go traffic, that's what I looked like on the bike.  From the top down: black bandana, sunglasses, black leather jacket, black gloves, black pants, so far so good, bla- no, wait, green, blue, pink, white and red striped socks, black shoes.  I looked totally tough.

At least when I get to the bookstore tonight, I'll stand behind the register, and nobody will see my feet.  Except all my coworkers.   Hahahahahaha


  1. You know my love for fun socks and I FULLY and TOTALLY approve of this. :) I think this is freaking awesome!! Also, we get to close together tonight! :)

  2. Meghan, you've always had a thing about funky socks; I remember trying to pair socks on laundry day, an impossible task because you insisted on wearing UNmatching socks daily, purposefully and deliberately mixing pairs. In your photo at least they match; something to be said for maturity :) Probably a hoot on the bike - maybe you could continue the sock thing and do mix'n'match socks and bandannas. Love you, Me

  3. I love that look. You're young enough to get away with funky socks like that. (BTW - did they help your feet?)

  4. @Debbie Rodgers - Yes! My feet were super soft!!!