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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paying Attention

When I go shopping, which is as rare as possible, I get totally focused.  The other day after work, I rode home, switched vehicles, and ran to Evilmart to pick up some household/outdoor necessities.  I was in the half-outdoor outdoor supply area, examining two of the same product to see if there were differences.  There had been an employee in there talking with his buddy when I walked in, but I wasn’t paying them any attention.  I finally decided which to get, put it in my cart, and turned to go.  Suddenly, the employee said, ‘What are you, deaf or something?”  

I was startled because he was so near, and that’s when I realized he was talking to me.  Whoops.  I said irritably, “No, I’m not deaf, I just wasn’t listening to you.”.  So you see how much attention I pay to people around me while shopping.  I just get focused.  I want to get my shopping done and get home.  A few minutes later, a guy was walking toward me and said, “Hey, you ride that motorcycle, don’t you?”.

I smiled and said “yes”, while continuing to walk.  

He smiled and continued, “Nice bike!”.  

I gave him a slightly warmer smile and said, “Thank you!”, and finished passing him.  I continued about my shopping, but I had a little laugh to myself.  Most of the time, nice bike would mean nice bike, but there isn’t anything nice about my bike.  
When somebody tells me nice bike, they either mean, ‘nice bike, I know nothing about motorcycles’, or ‘it’s cool that you ride!’.  It’s 3 years old, stock everything, sounds like a lawnmower, and the mirrors look like bug antennas.  It gets washed by riding quickly through the rain.  The saddlebags are camera cases zip-tied on. They definitely don’t mean “your motorcycle is cool”.  I finished my shopping, checked out, and was pushing my cart towards the door.  As I chose which door to go out, I thought about where I had parked, and then it dawned on me.  I didn’t ride my bike to the store that evening - I took the car.  
Either I have a stalker, I’m a regular at Evilmart, or I’m really recognisable.  I’m not sure which idea I like least.  I wish I’d paid a bit more attention, though, so if it’s the first one, I’d know who to look out for.

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