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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A while back, at the bookstore, a teenager in line with her mother was wearing a tiara.  I couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “What’s the occasion?”

The girl looked quietly pleased, and shyly watched her hands while replying, “It’s my birthday.”  Then she looked up and smiled.  It was great.   

I said enthusiastically, “Well, Happy Birthday!  I hope it’s a great one!”  

It was a fun interaction.  I think that birthdays are great - they give everybody that loves you a chance to tell you that they’re happy you’re alive, to wish you well, and to let you know they’re glad they know you.  I couldn’t care less about presents, it’s all the smiles, wishes, and good feelings exchanged that make birthdays so awesome.  Think about it - don’t you feel better when you find out it’s somebody’s birthday, tell them two words, and they light up and smile?  Doesn’t that brighten your day as well as theirs?  Often, two word phrases to strangers are used negatively (I can think of quite a few).  Isn’t it far better to exchange positive words?

In too many sad cases, the birthday person doesn’t let enough people know it’s their birthday.  People everywhere are in need of more happy interactions, and by simply not mentioning that it’s your birthday, you deprive them of the happiness of an excuse to wish somebody well.  I’ll go so far as to say that it’s selfish to be quiet about your birthday.  In order to bring about more fun and positive interactions, I will be stealing the birthday girl’s idea, and institute the tradition of wearing a birthday tiara!  (I’ll wear mine even to work, even on the motorcycle - JUST ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!)  Already, the silly, fun, positive interactions have begun.  People I’ve mentioned the Birthday Tiara story to have really reacted positively to the idea.  If you like it, share this post, and go get your own Birthday Tiara (or gentlemen, make it a crown!)!  If you’re shy, think of it this way: Be Unselfish - Wear A Tiara!


  1. Happy birthday, Tiara Girl!!

  2. Do you have any Birthday Traditions? I'd love to hear them! Comment to share!