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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bridget, I Now Relate.

I now relate more fully with Bridget Jones.

I’ve found a wedding dress that I love, which fits great nearly everywhere.  The only issue is the rear, which, er, is rather snug and draws a lot of attention through the clingy fabric.  I rather like my rear, so when somebody recommended a cleansing weight loss solution that they love, I was not thrilled.  I don’t want to be any smaller - perhaps just smooooother, though...  

That’s when I started searching for Scary Knickers.  

Multiple friends, when I explained the seat of the problem (sorry), suggested Spanx.  I have found a few that would smooth without leaving a line where they ended, but they look mostly like this:  

I can’t imagine the reaction to seeing something like that under the dress, except I doubt it would be, “You’re soooo beautiful!!!” It would be an interesting wedding night revelation that I wear underpants from my shoulders to my shins.

Since I was defensive about the suggestion to lose weight initially, I thought I’d step on a scale and see if I was in denial.  I forgot to before my shower the other morning, so I hopped on after.  I saw the number, which was a bit higher than I’d expected, and immediately thought, “well - my hair is wet - that must add a couple of pounds, right?”  

I realized there may be something wrong with that reasoning, so I went to the closet.  I grabbed my tiniest jeans and tried them on.  I didn’t have to force the button and nothing cut in anywhere, so I was confident that I didn’t need to lose weight.  Just because I like my rear doesn’t mean I want it to be the focal point for the wedding ceremony.  

What do you do when you want to look pretty in your clothes and still pretty out of them?

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