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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet and Clever

My laundry had been sitting clean and folded in a basket for a few days, and I finally got it put in the closet.  One morning, thanks to a scale issue, I was running just barely on time.  As I showered, I mentally picked out my outfit.  I often do this, so that I can just throw it on, rather than standing for endless minutes in front of my open closet, agonizing over nothing matching.

I rushed through my morning routine, threw on my outfit, and did one last check in the mirror before going out the bedroom door.  This is a habit I’ve gotten into ever since something lacy and private was stuck to my blazer, and (thankfully) fell off in my driveway.  I would have died had I gone to work like that.

During my mirror check, I noticed that the lower outside part of my right pant leg was completely covered in cat fur.  I was planning on taking my bike, which means I’d spend an extra few minutes putting gear on.  Sometimes if I’m running late, I’ll take the car to save that time.  I didn’t want to go to work furry, but didn’t want to change the whole outfit.  I thought about using the lint roller, but then I’d be so late I’d have to take the car.  I love my bike, especially in good weather and for its 80+ MPG.  Surely 25 minutes in the wind on the bike, half of which are 70 mph highway winds, would blow the cat fur out of my pants.  I nodded and thought to myself, “yes, perfect, that’ll do it.” and left for work.

I was at work for at least an hour before I thought to check, so confident was I that they’d be fur-free.  However, I was wrong.  My nice black pants were still completely covered in cat hair.  I think that rather than napping in the laundry basket as I’d initially suspected, my cats found some Elmer’s and carefully glued their fur all over my pants.  Such clever kitties.

Brian and I say that cat fur and dander has magical healing properties (despite us both being allergic).  Cats know this is true.  That’s why cats often get their fur up your nose or in your eyes - to help you feel better!  My sweet kitties just wanted me to have their wonderful fur with me all day long.  I’ll just explain that to my coworkers.  

Have your pets ever left you with some explaining to do?


  1. Excellent writing, I peeked in out of curiousity and became ensnared within a few lines. Your literary penchant is paying dividends. It's eery how well I relate to some of your idiosyncracies, which are quite vividly and comically portrayed. Very impressive! Oh and you can keep the pepper spray holstered...we go way back.

    1. Thanks for reading - I'm glad you enjoyed!! May I ask who this is, since we go way back? I've got another couple of posts ready to publish, so check back to laugh at me more :)

    2. You should see it as "laughing with you". Now that I know your stance on social networking, I feel a bit better about the lack of response to my friend request. Which seems trivial and understated but I'm hoping it's a start.

    3. Hmmm, after some pondering, and going by your writing style, my best guess is: you never told people your last name. Am I right? If not, I've got a ton of ignored friend requests (you are in good company, I promise), and I can look back through another time - give me another clue :)

  2. Another clue...well, I'm also, all too, familiar with the "standoffish" father scenario. One might say it has, regretably, lead me to be a bit standoffish myself (in terms the circumstances it created, not my nature). Oh, and yes- regarding the last name thing. I tell people, just not the one you know...extremely well. -(-)