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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What a weekend.  This past weekend, I was cashiering by large front windows when I heard the following announcement: “Attention Customers – The police have called and told us that nobody is allowed to enter or exit the store.  Also, for your own safety, please stay away from the windows.”

Immediately, the customers all got on cell phones and rushed to the windows.  Our store phones lit up almost as quickly.  The calls ranged from “My teenaged daughter just called and said she’d be home late because you locked her in the store.  What’s going on?!?” to “Hi, I’m the manager with X store in the same strip mall as you, and I was wondering if you know what the situation is?”  Over the intercom, we announced 3 or 4 times to stay away from the windows, but this only resulted in more people pressing against the glass. 

Most of the employees huddled around the customer service desk.  One was on his break, and eating his dinner.  He mentioned flying bullets, so I said, “You can eat in the break room, you know”.  To this he replied, “But here, I can take my break, eat, and watch the show all at the same time”.  That’s people for you, though.

On another dangerous subject, my mother is coming to visit on the 23rd for a week+.  She wanted to make Christmas dinner, and asked a thousand questions about the upcoming visit.  I'll be working nearly every day she's here.

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