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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not So Far Off

The other day, a few months ago, I was cashiering at the bookstore.  A cute customer who I’d been exchanging smiles with came through the line, and we talked and flirted a bit.  About an hour later, he walked up to the cash registers again.  I noticed he wasn’t holding any merchandise, just a business card and a pen.  I thought, “hmm, I’m going to get a phone number” with a smile.  The customer walked up, and said, “How do you spell Sean’s name?  Can you give this to him?” waving the business card. 
I said “Sure.  S-E-A-N” turning a little red.  As soon as he walked away, I sat on the floor behind the cashwrap and had a good laugh at myself.  I was thinking both “whoops, called that one wrong” and “hmm, guess I have a bit too high opinion of myself”.  I wasn’t sure if it was true or not, but how I told it to people was, “Oh, I guess he likes Sean instead.”  I couldn’t keep a story that fun to myself, so everybody at the bookstore got to know that a cute boy walked up to me and gave me a business card, to pass on to Sean.  Lots of laughs were had at my expense. 

The customer has continued to come into the store, and come through the cashwrap being quite friendly while checking out.  I chuckle to myself each time I talk to him, thinking about the business card.  I’ve more or less figured out that he doesn’t really like Sean that way - that they just share the same taste in music, but I stopped trying to flirt.  This week, though, after talking for a while, he said, “So I was wondering, would you like to go on a date sometime?”  I looked up and to the right, and tried really hard not to laugh.  I was thinking about the whole Sean thing, but realized that it would not be the moment to chuckle.  I must have needed a moment too long to compose myself, because he rushed on with, “I’m not sure when, I’m traveling a lot the next couple of weeks, but…”  I then stopped a moment longer to be sure not giggle, and said, “how about this, because I work two jobs, and rarely have free time – I’ll give you my number, and we’ll see if we can get something worked out.”  He texted that night, so I guess I wasn’t so far off originally.

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